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Patient Charts

Some of Juno EMR’s patient chart features are: quick access to organized patient data...

Appointment Scheduling

Some of Juno EMR’s appointment scheduling features are: book new patients and create...

eLabs & Imaging

Some of Juno EMR’s labs & imaging features include: seamless lab integration…


Some of Juno EMR’s prescription features are: automatically calculate amount, dosage…

Medical Billing

Juno EMR’s cloud-based Clinical Billing Intelligence platform helps you spend up to 65% less…

Online Patient Booking

Online booking is available 24/7 on the app or on the website. Medical office staff can…

Integrated Telehealth

A convenient web portal and both iOS and Androids Apps make it easy for patients to…

Appointment Reminders

Patients can confirm their appointments via text or email. Your patients will…

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Cheryl M

"Excellent support and almost always someone to answer the phone within a couple of rings to help."

Birinder S.

"Great product, good features. Very responsive and helpful customer service. Great team to work with."

Amari Medical Clinic

"We have excellent service. We love the team at Juno EMR. We are always pleased with their prompt attention."